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Our feet in Package Design

A design that affects the perception of buyers buying the product.

Buttercup is designing company that brings best of its designs to package of the product. Our well trained designers design the product package in such a way the its neither a way simple nor too complicated. The best packaging design is the one that clearly defines the kind of product it is designed for.

Why Packaging Design for your products?
  • An attractive design that gives an eye popping response.
  • It is a design that leaves the first impression about the product to the customers.
  • It decides the look of the product according to its size.
  • To survive the competitive market you need a design that promotes the look of your product.

Our range inPackaging Design

A design that creates the first impact about the type of product and helps your products to survive the competitive market.

Moulded Packaging Design

It is a design that is creatively designed according to the shape of the product. The packaging design in this case clearly depends on the size and shape of the product. Thus, the design is prepared in such a way that it can be moulded as per the product.

Identical Packaging Design

It is a design that is replica of the product. It solely depends on the choice of the owner. If your business product demands a design that clearly shows what kind of product it is packaged in then this kind of packaging design is the best choice.

Secure Packaging Design

It is a design that is very protective for the product it is designed for. No doubt it depends on the size of product but this kind of design is designed in such a way that all the faces of the package form a shell to the product.

product packaging design

Give your products an outstanding look with our creative product packaging designs. We have in our clientele some of the best companies from India and across the world. We have designed for them the most instinctive and appealing packaging designs which are in total sync with their company’s unique ideologies and beliefs.

packaging label design

At Buttercup, we provide packaging label services for all kinds of requirements. Whether you want a simplistic meaningful design or an embellished high-end one, we can do it for you. Our creative designers can fulfil your packaging, labelling and point of sale requirements at the costs feasible and affordable for you.

bottle packaging design

The artistic and creative values of our team help us design the best bottle packaging for you. We can create bottle packaging designs based on our distinctive concepts, or we can develop your ideas to create something exactly the way you want. Either way, we can design bottle packaging for all types of bottles.


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Why Us in Packaging Design?

  • We provide all the types of packaging design depending on the size and shape of the product.
  • We suggest the best type for your product.
  • We provide a time efficient and cost efficient service for your product.
  • We work hard to give a unique packaging design to your product.

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