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Logo Design Company in India

We at our Graphic Design Company collaborate your requirements and our ideas to represent your business through a Logo to give it a distinct identity. Our professional and appealing designs have given us 100% satisfied clients- all across the globe. We have delivered 2000+ projects in a very short span of time which is the result of hard work and our constant commitment.

Logo Design has been our merit and supremacy as we have professional set of rules. Precise, crisp and clear graphics are the way to the gate! Our designs have always been appreciated by many other references from the clients’ corner.

Buttercup Advertising Studio

Rated 5/ 5 based on 16 reviews at Buttercup Advertising StudioWe have 250+ clients and completed 2000+ projects.

Our feet InLogo Design

A design that uniquely defines your business

Buttercup is one of the best brand building companies that helps you to grow your business through creative designs. Our team of imaginative designers give you a logo design that explains everything about your business. Any business is incomplete without a logo and our team helps to fill this blank!

    How can a Logo design boost your business?

  • An attractive logo attracts the visitors and can definitely turn them into customers.
  • An effective logo design gives you a unique identity and separates you from other businesses.
  • A great logo design explains a lot about your business through its clever design.
  • It is a one time investment that gives a special recognition to your business every time.

Our speciality inlogo design

Buttercup is a brand building agency that specialises in creative designs that can offer your business heights of profit. Want to know what we offer in logo design?

  • Unique Logo design

    Unique Logo design

    Uniqueness is what we actually aim for. We strive hard to present your business a logo design which is very different from the slew of other businesses in your space. We offer you a logo that reflects your business in a special way.

  • Flexibility


    A flexible logo can make your business do wonders! People from different languages should know what your logo wants to convey. We offer you a logo design that looks perfect in every medium whether it is a business card or a website.

  • Reflects your Business

    Reflects your Business

    A perfect logo reflects a company’s values and culture. If your business is quite clear about its target audience then we offer you a design that nails down your target audience and turn them into customers.


    custom logo design india

    Not only do we create designer logos using optimum creativity, we can also create a custom logo according to your preferences. Share with us your company profile and logo concepts and we promise to design the best logo for you accordingly. Such customisation options provided by us make us a leading logo designing brand in India.

  • Company Logo Design

    company logo design

    We excel in designing logos for different companies which are an eminent reflection of the business model of the company, its services and the business type. Thus, we ensure to craft designs that are aesthetic and eloquent in defining your organisation’s values and beliefs in a comprehensive and striking manner.

  • Brand Logo Design

    brand logo design

    Buttercup helps you design top quality logos that efficiently distinguish your brand. Our professional designers are experts in designing brand logos for various companies of the corporate sector. We help you establish the visual and one of the most important representations of your brand, the logo. It is this logo that people will first identify with when talking about your brand.

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ourlogo design

Offers you the three important features that is uniqueness, flexibility and perfect reflection in just one design. Grab the chance!

Do you know ?Why us in logo design

  • We are a team that understand your business first.
  • Prepare a layout that is based on your requirements and our understandings.
  • Efficient time management to achieve the perfect logo design.
  • A perfect identity for your company.