Some Important Types Of Logos And Their Uses

Some Important Types Of Logos And Their Uses

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A logo serves as the identity of a business. It builds a different image for your business and enhances visibility. According to Logo design companies in Ahmedabad, the human brain remembers images better than names. A logo makes you recognizable among a huge crowd of brands. It helps you appear different from your customers.

The people get a hint of what products or services you are providing by looking at your logo. It can look simple and small but is the most powerful tool to enhance the credibility of the business. A strong logo builds a strong brand identity and that further improves the monetary value of the brand.

According to professionals, there are 3 important types of logos. Let’s dive into them and find out which one is better for you.

1. Typographic logo

The logos as usually simple and have no graphics. Typographic logos are usually the name of your brand in a customized font. However, it is important to keep in mind that an existing font cannot be copied to make a logo because the logo needs to be unique. You need to customize and give a unique touch to it. The examples of such types of logos include Facebook, Absolut, Disney, Google, Visa, and FedEx. The logos might look simple, but they are best to cover the full name of your brand clearly.

2. Combination logo

These are the most famous type of logos. Either the graphical symbols are added along with the symbol or within the symbol to give a unique look. Most of the logos in the world have been built in this way. However, this types of logo seem very creative and attractive as they have both, the text and graphic. The reason the majority of people consider them is that symbols are used in a creative way to design names. The most famous examples of combination logos include Puma, Harley Davidson, Taco Bell, NBA, MasterCard, and WWF.

3. Symbolic logo

The logos with only symbols are called symbolic logos. There is no text and that’s why there is no need for fonts too. These logos have come into existence with combination logos only. A brand goes for a combination logo and at the time when the brand becomes famous and recognizable among customers the text is dropped to change the logo into the symbolic logo. Popular brands of the world like Volkswagen, social media like platforms like Twitter, and others like Apple, and Starbucks have done this.

Some important things that you need to consider before adopting these type of logos are listed below:

  • The products or services that you are offering are very different from others
  • Your brand is old and famous enough to be recognizable by customers
  • You have kept your combination logo for a really long time and you are sure that your customer will recognize you with your symbol only.

An Ambigram is also a type of logo but is not so common. An ambigram is a logo that reads the same from both directions. You can make an ambigram logo in any of the above three styles.

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